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Reason #4 To Create a LifeVille Game
Revolutionary Opportunity to Collaborate with a Successful Speaker

Update Date: 6/30/2010

The LifeVille Vision: Anyone, anywhere with the courage to play BIG in life, has a GREAT coach.

Yet another way for coaches to play BIG at LifeVille...
Team up with a speaker, trainer or workshop leader!

Every day thousands of highly motivated individuals around the world -  Call them motivational speakers, workshop leaders, or trainers - get up in front of people with the purpose to inform, inspire and entertain.

Being up there is a joy for most of them - they love to see those nods of understanding, the beaming eyes with a new insight and the smiles or tears of being truly moved and inspired.

Those moments fulfill their purpose in the world to share their message in a way that adds value to the lives of others.  It is only PART of their purpose however and the greater purpose of their efforts - to create lasting improvement - goes wanting 99% of the time because only 1% of those inspired will actually put what they hear and feel into practice after the speech or workshop is over!

My theory is that there are some people here in this world to get in front of people and inspire them to play BIG in life. There are other people who are here to walk side-by-side as a guide to the people with the courage to play BIG. There are very few people with the ability to do both masterfully while there are LOTS of folks who are really really good at one or the other.

If YOU are masterful at both then the opportunity is HUGE for you because by now you are probably speaking to WAY more people than you could possibly coach on your own.


Another LifeVille formula:

(information + INSPIRATION + entertainment) * INTEGRATION through playing and coaching = Long term Success

The key is the multiplication factor of integration through playing and coaching.  No matter how informative, inspiring or entertaining a talk is, with 0 integration you get 0 Long term success.  On the other hand strong integration has a powerful multiplying effect on the i + I + e

With LifeVille and the breakthrough Community Game System and Revenue Sharing Business Model we provide the structure and methodology for speakers and coaches to team up for greater effectiveness AND prosperity.


Here is the straight forward approach using the elements of the revenue share model...
Coach - Game Creator - Inspirer - Enroller - Connector
See the details in this article: Reason #2 Revolutionary Revenue Streams

1) The speaker and coach collaborate to create a play-able, coach- able and win-able LifeVille game based on the concepts of the workshop or speech.  This is a fun and creative process that allows the speaker to go into greater depth with their message than is possible in the short time frame of a speech.
(the speaker and coach arrange an equitable split of the Game Creator revenue share OR the speaker could pay the coach a fee to translate the concepts into a LifeVille game)

2) The speaker records a short video for each of the major themes of the program.  This keeps the speakers energy alive in the game for the players.

3) The speaker - with the support of the LifeVille team - create a page on the LifeVille site: sallyspeaker.lifeville.com

4) The speaker adds this compelling message to their talk: If you REALLY want to make these changes in your life right now, you need to get in the game and get a coach!  Go to sallyspeaker.lifeville.com and sign up for the game.

Or variations...
> Now it is time to get off the bench and get in the game.
> You and I both know that after you leave here not much is going to happen UNLESS you have the courage to get in the game and put these ideas into your life.
> Most people try to go it alone. But why?  All great performers are more successful with a coach and you will be too. That is why I have put together a game for you to play and a powerful team of coaches to help you play the game and get results.

5) Game registration can be done online through the speakers' LifeVille page.  Or the speaker can organize to have a registration team at the event if the opportunity is big enough.

The speaker earns the Inspirer revenue share AND builds a long term passive revenue stream because the Inspirer fee is perpetual for every game that player ever plays.

THIS IS SOOOO HUGE for professional speakers!
They are really looking for a straightforward way to create an ongoing passive revenue stream from all of the energy they put into their talks. You can bring this to them.

The speaker also earns the Enroller revenue share because the player signed up at the event or online at their LifeVille page.

The speaker COULD create a process where interested players receive a complimentary exploratory session with one of the coaches if this improves the process! In this case, the coach doing that session would earn the Enroller revenue share.

6) The Coach who brought this speaker to LifeVille earns the Connector revenue share.  This too is a perpetual payment to the coach for every game that player ever plays creating passive revenue for the coach!

7) The coach naturally earns the Coaching revenue share. 

The coach and speaker need to coordinate scheduling the games to begin near the dates when the speaker is giving a speech or workshop so that the inspired players can get right into the game.

As the success of the collaboration grows, the coach and help to create a team of coaches and become the Head Coach for all of the coaches of this game. We even have a way in the revenue share model to compensate the Head Coach!
(Yes! we have thought of everything ;-))

8) The players get into the game and with the energy of the spirit of play + community accountability + the magic of coaching begin to make real progress in creating results.

9) The speaker can log into the Community Game System and see how the players are doing in the game! Reading the game cards will be a real energy boost to the speaker because they can see that people are really doing something with what they learned.

They can also acquire beautiful success stories that they can weave into their speeches. 

This is a major breakthrough in the life of a speaker - typically they never know what happened or get an occasional boost from a participant who sends a thank you note.  With the Community Game System feedback and inspiration back to the speaker is available 24/7.

10) Based on how the players do in the game the coach and speaker can continue to collaborate to update the game or even create advanced versions of the game.  This could lead to new speech and workshop topics! 

Together We Play Better! 
I believe speakers and coaches can make a great team when they and leverage their best skills and abilities and respect each others contribution to the desired result -> adding long term value to the lives of others!

LifeVille will also provide all of the necessary documents and agreements and will assist in putting the deal together. Most importantly the speaker maintains ownership of their intellectual property while you and LifeVille would hold the right to sell and deliver the game based on that intellectual property.

The next step is to participate in the upcoming Create a LifeVille Game in 21 Days program.  Pick your favorite speaker and create a sample game from what you learned from them as a fun creative project.  THEN, or during, begin using your gumption and or connections to reach out to them to present this HUGE opportunity to him or her.  It could be the beginning a beautiful partnership.


Create a LifeVille Game in 21 Days! - 062910-11:30A
Jun 29, Jul 6,13,20, 2010 11:30am-01:00pm
Instructor: Dave Buck, MCC
register-button-v1-gif Invest: $175

ps. The program has already begun, but you can register until 7/6/10.

ps. when you participate in this program, you will experience the Community Game system for yourself as a player! You will see why we are so excited to share this opportunity with you.

A quick chart of the recommended revenue shares for LifeVille programs. 
For more details read: Reason #2 Revolutionary Revenue streams


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1-1 Coaching










Game Creator






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