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Reason #3 To Create a LifeVille Game
Revolutionary Opportunity to Collaborate with Successful Authors

Update Date: 6/25/2010

The LifeVille Vision: Anyone, anywhere with the courage to play BIG in life, has a GREAT coach.

If you have ever dreamed to creating a coaching program for a book that you love,
this program is for YOU! Act FAST!

Another formula for success at LifeVille:

Coach-able Content + Community Connection = BIG SUCCESS

Another GREAT way to thrive as a Coach at LifeVille is to collaborate with a successful author to create a game.

Our theory is that ANY success-oriented book can be "Brought To Life" with a playable game.  In fact since most books of this nature have recommended exercises and actions it is actually a fun, creative and relatively easy project.

Then the LifeVille Revenue sharing model enables you to co-create a win-win-win collaboration with the author to promote the new game to their database of readers and followers.

A WIN for the reader
because they most likely enjoyed parts of the book but struggled to put it into practice while acting alone.  Playing the book with a team and a coach AND earning rewards will be transformational for them.

A BIG WIN for the author in two ways: fulfillment AND revenue stream.

It will be a big boost in fulfillment because they will be able to see tangible evidence of people really putting the ideas of the book into practice by reading the game cards of the players and watching the points accumulate.

My friend Gay Hendricks often says: You don't make money writing a book OR selling a book.  You make money explaining a book.

So, it will be an even BIGGER boost in revenue stream because authors don't typically make a ton of $ on sales of the book so they need to find creative ways to make money by adding additional value to the readers.  Creating a game for LifeVille is an absolutely PERFECT avenue for this.

And a WIN for YOU

One of my personal dreams is that one day soon bringing a book to life at LifeVille will be just as necessary and obvious as listing it on Amazon.  We can get there and on the way this presents a BIG opportunity for you. 

Remember the formula includes community connection. So if you know or have a connection to an author who has been savvy enough to build a database of readers of their book, then that is a great person to collaborate with.

Using the elements of the revenue share model...
Coach - Game Creator - Inspirer - Enroller - Connector
See the details in this article: Reason #2 Revolutionary Revenue Streams

1) You can co-create the game and negotiate a share of the Game Creator fee.

2) You can be the first Coach of the game and earn the Coach fee with a BUNCH of eager players.  You can also help to create a coaching team as the game grows.

3) The author would be the inspirer because they are promoting the game to their database.
Promoting the game will be quite easy by the way because you will be able to create a page on the LifeVille site specifically for the game e.g. 28PrinciplesofAttraction.Lifeville.com
and the communication has the simple theme: you read the book, NOW get into the game!

You can also collaborate with the author to create a short promotional video for the LifeVille Utube channel!

4) The author would also be the enroller when folks sign up for the game from the website.  AND you could arrange it so that potential players who have questions can talk to you about the game first - in these cases you would be the Enroller. 

You would be the inspirer AND enroller when YOU promote this new game and people sign up via YOUR efforts.

5) Finally the connector - THIS IS BIG.  Because you brought this game to LifeVille you would be the Connector and would earn a lifetime revenue share for all of the players who come to LifeVille through this game!!!

Seriously! Consider the opportunity here. 
You may not have a huge database, but you know authors that do!  This is your opportunity to transform your coaching skills, creativity and gumption into a powerful collaboration that adds TONS of value to loads of people and creates a lifetime passive revenue stream for you.

We will also provide all of the necessary documents and agreements and will assist in putting the deal together. Most importantly the author maintains ownership of their intellectual property while you and LifeVille would hold the right to sell and deliver the game based on that intellectual property.

The next step is to participate in the upcoming Create a LifeVille Game in 21 Days program.  Pick your favorite book and create a game as a fun creative project.  THEN, or during, begin using your gumption and or connections to reach out to the author to present this HUGE opportunity to him or her.  It could be the beginning a beautiful partnership.

ps. when you participate in this program, you will experience the Community Game system for yourself as a player! You will see why we are so excited to share this opportunity with you.

A quick chart of the recommended revenue shares for LifeVille programs. 
For more details read: Reason #2 Revolutionary Revenue streams


Team / Group Coaching

1-1 Coaching










Game Creator






Merchant fees



LV Operations Team



LV Profit




Create a LifeVille Game in 21 Days! - 062910-11:30A
Details for next program coming soon!
Instructor: Dave Buck, MCC
register-button-v1-gif Invest: $175

ps. when you participate in this program, you will experience the Community Game system for yourself as a player! You will see why we are so excited to share this opportunity with you.


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