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Reason #2 To Create a LifeVille Game
Revolutionary Revenue Model with Active AND Passive Revenue

Update Date: 6/24/2010

The LifeVille Vision: Anyone, anywhere with the courage to play BIG in life, has a GREAT coach.

If you have a Group Coaching offering OR have been contemplating creating one,
then this program is definitely for YOU.

Revolutionary Business Model = Active + Passive revenue


For almost as long as I have been a professional coach - over 14 years now - there has been a strong recommendation to create multiple streams of revenue within your business.  AND the BIG dream of passive revenue has been as elusive as the "Holy Grail"!

I say that because the typical "passive" revenue ideas like writing books and creating recorded programs are FAAAARRRRR from passive.  They are a LOT of work to create and just as much work to promote afterwords.

This is NOT a bad thing necessarily because I believe a business based on ACTIVE revenue can be fun and fruitful as long as you enjoy what you are doing - which of course most coaches do!

The LifeVille Business model is
revolutionary for coaches because
it creates several active AND true passive revenue streams.

There are many winning scenarios for you to consider as reasons to play on the LifeVille team!  In this article I will focus on YOU creating a game for LifeVille (aka a group coaching program)

A few points about LifeVille
1) The primary offering is group coaching programs or "games".  A game has a specific focus and a set time frame.  Typically a game will be 91 or 28 days.  The games will be priced at $/day(e.g. $1, $3, $5, $7, $10, $15, $20). The group will meet by teleconference 1/week while the game is on often with 1-1 laser coaching and eCoaching included as well.  A game will typically have 10-20 players - we recommend 12.

2) The secondary offering is 1-1 coaching.  Typically this will be offered as an add- on while playing a game or as a follow-on after playing a game.  Coaching will be offered on a $/hour basis ($25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $300, $400)

3) The revenue share percentages can be customized for each offering AND we will establish a recommended plan to promote a fair exchange between everyone on the LifeVille team.

OK! Here goes. 

A quick chart of the recommended revenue shares for LifeVille programs


Team / Group Coaching

1-1 Coaching










Game Creator






Merchant fees



LV Operations Team



LV Profit



Role: Coach

Every game at LifeVille will be lead by a Coach! This is fundamental to the whole LifeVille idea.  When you create a game you will naturally coach it as well.  AND there is a big opportunity to create passive revenue by growing your customer base and bringing on additional coaches for your game. 

This is huge, because every Coach knows that your time is THE limiting factor to your business growth.  No MORE!  By creating a coach-able game you can easily, methodically and profitably grow your coaching business WAAYYY beyond your own coaching capacity.

You can also offer a game with a larger number of players and have assistant coaches within the team. 

The system allows up to 3 coaches to be designated for a portion of the revenue for a game.

More about creating a coaching team a bit later.

Role: Inspirer

The Inspirer is the person who inspires someone to their very first game at LifeVille.  We love that!

The Inspirer ID is assigned to this player for the rest of their life at LifeVille! 

So what this means is that EVERYONE YOU BRING TO LIFEVILLE BECOMES A PASSIVE REVENUE STREAM FOR YOU as they continue to play.

As people play games and earn points they can redeem their points for rewards. This will help to ensure that folks keep and use a single ID in the system and encourage them to keep playing!

This creates a BIG opportunity for you. 

It is soooo much easier to advocate for a purpose than for a person. You can now go out into your communities and advocate for playing big in life with a Coach first and yourself as the Coach second.   This is easy and fun and takes the pressure off of you to "sell".

Of course you will encourage people to play your game or hire you! But think of all the people you meet that you could inspire that might not resonate with you or your game.  At LifeVille we aim to have a game for literally EVERYONE - in topic and price point.  So you can literally inspire ANYone even if you are not the right coach for them personally and transform that energy into long term passive revenue.  Energy exchange is Cool!

Your Own LifeVille Page
Every Coach will have their own page at LifeVille e.g.. davebuck.lifeville.com

On your page you will be able to display a mini game catalog with just the games that you recommend. This is so cool! I can't wait to show it to you.

Doing this will make it easy for us to properly track where people are coming from so we can compensate people properly.  We have a few more tricks up our sleeve on this front as well.

Role: Enroller

The enroller is the person who signs someone up for a game.  This is similar to the inspirer and in the early days the same person will earn the $ for both roles for most transactions.  But someday - hopefully soon! - you will meet people who are already a LifeVille member. So when you sign them up for your game or any game you will be the enroller and whoever first brought them to LifeVille will be the Inspirer.

Role: Game Creator

You can create a game based on your own ideas and content.  Or you can co- create a game with another coach.  Or you can co-create a game with an author or speaker (we will talk about this major opportunity in the next article)

The system allows the game creator revenue share to be shared among up to three different people.

As I mentioned earlier, from a revenue perspective, creating a popular game can be the core of your long term coaching business success.

First of all, a game with a specific time frame and clear objectives is easier to advocate for than open ended 1-1 coaching. So right away you will make your business process easier.

Second, by having your game in the LifeVille game catalog you can leverage the new players that are brought in by others.

Build a coaching team

Third, you can eventually build a team of coaches to coach your game for you. 

As I mentioned earlier this is a major major deal because you now have unlimited growth potential with ZERO hassle!  This is the key. Most coaches dream of building a coaching team to leverage their success but it is just too complicated and the hassle-factor is a major deterrent. 

On your LifeVille page you can show a mini catalog with all of the upcoming games lead by you AND all of your coaches. EASY BREEZY!

The hassle is eliminated in three ways.

1) You - the lead coach - will be able to easily monitor your coaches through the game card system.  You will be able to SEE how well they are coaching by the scores and comments of the players. WOW.

2) The game creates a structure so that it is easy to teach your coaches how to do what you do.  AND by adding video and audio of YOU into the game, the players will get an experience of YOU while they are being coached by your coaches. BIG WOW!

3) We manage all of the administration: scheduling, finances, agreements and member services so you don't have to mess with that stuff!  BIGGEST WOW!

Role: Connector

The connector is the person who brings the LiveVille team player to LifeVille.

Here is an example:
Let's say you create a game that lots of people play.  SOME of those people will one day want to become a coach for you!  As they go out into the world and bring people into the game you will be the Connector for everyone that they sign up.
(and naturally if you refer them to CV for Coach Training you will earn a referral fee from that as well!)

Another example - which I will explain in more detail in the next article - is where you create a game with an author or speaker.
If you bring them and their game into LifeVille, you will be the Connector for that person and everyone they bring into LifeVille. 

This has BIG possibilities because authors and speakers often have large databases and meet a lot of people.  You can leverage this to great effect.


The possibilities are endless for creating teams and thriving together!

This may truly the BIGGEST of all the big ideas.

With the personal catalog feature where each coach has their own page, you can create a consortium of coaches where you advocate for each other by featuring

You could even create a separate entity like North Jersey Business coaches that has a collection of business games from a team of coaches.

Role: LifeVille Team

To complete the financial picture, a % of revenue is allocated to cover the LifeVille team which includes: member services, administration, computer systems, coach advisor etc.  We will also cover the merchant fee expenses and generate a profit for the LifeVille ownership team.

It all starts with this Game Creation Program!
Get your creative juices flowing and your business engine running.


Create a LifeVille Game in 21 Days
Dates of next program coming soon!
Instructor: Dave Buck, MCC
register-button-v1-gif Invest: $175

ps. when you participate in this program, you will experience the Community Game system for yourself as a player! You will see why we are so excited to share this opportunity with you.


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