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Reason #1 To Create a LifeVille Game
Create a dynamic structure for your group coaching program

Update Date: 6/22/2010

The LifeVille Vision: Anyone, anywhere with the courage to play BIG in life, has a GREAT coach.

If you have a Group Coaching offering OR have been contemplating creating one,
then this program is definitely for YOU.

A Dynamic Structure for Your Group Coaching Program

Group Coaching is by far the best way to create a sustainable coaching business model, especially now with folks more frugal about how they invest their precious dollars (insert your currency here)! With this new LifeVille system, group coaching is easier to deliver AND more valuable than ever before!

The LifeVille community game system has EVERYTHING you need to create and manage a dynamic group coaching program: community and social connection, multi media content delivery, visible structure for action and result accountability, financial management AND several ways to create passive revenue!

The Ultimate Formula for Success
The LifeVille Community game system is based on the following formula:

The human spirit of play
The power of community connection
The magic of great coaching

 = A truly transformational experience

Joyful actions are taken, challenges are embraced, wins are celebrated, loses are learning experiences, deep friendships are created and all of it brings the treasure of every day life into a heightened state of awareness and flow.

Compare this to the ordinary experience of waiting until someday or struggling alone to get everything done. WOW what a difference.

Our theory is that ANY aspect of life can be transformed into a playable, coach- able and win-able game. People playing a game take more creative action, more skillful action and get better results than those who work on tasks or focus on problems.

The structure of the game leads to coaching
The basic structure of a LifeVille game is a weekly group call where you share ideas and dialogue with the players about the game for the upcoming week.

You organize your game into weekly themes, exercises to complete, actions to take and results to play for.  You can also allow the players to customize some or all of the game card elements to their individual situations - to make it THEIR game.

As your players play the game you create a LOT of coaching opportunities. When the actions don't happen or the results don't happen as planned there is an opportunity to explore blocks and teach skills.

You can add 1-1 laser coaching time to your program.  These laser coaching sessions pave the way for being hired for extended 1-1 coaching as well so your game can become a vital business generator.

Visibility and Accountability
The game card system creates community accountability and visibility because all of the players can see who is doing what and they can publicly share what they are experiencing in the game. The feeling of community support is VERY INSPIRING and FUN.

At a glance you - the Coach - can see how everyone in the program is doing so that no one gets lost or left out. You are immediately aware of BIG wins to celebrate and challenges to explore. THIS IS AWESOME.

Reading the game cards will allow you to get right into the heart of the opportunities and challenges with each player either 1-1 or on the group call.  You can also spot trends and themes so you know what needs to be addressed on the group calls for maximum impact.

Multi Media Presentation - WOW!
You can upload videos, audio’s and documents to accentuate any theme, or exercise in your game.  This allows you to create a true multi media experience for your participants and add some real ZIP and YOUR personality to your program. 

A Sustainable Business Model
Once you create and perfect your game, you can offer it and deliver it again and again. Then you can teach other coaches how to deliver it!  This takes you straight into the world of creating your own coaching "company" and with the LifeVille game system and affiliate payment plan your management and operations structure is already set up for you! You inspire people, coach players and orchestrate a team of coaches. We take care of the systems, operations, member services and finances. An AWESOME collaboration!


Features and Benefits of the Community Game System:

1) A weekly theme with corresponding exercises to complete, actions to take and challenging results to play for.

2) A point system that leads to rewards and makes the game fun and interesting. And a bonus point system that encourages the players to play WITH and FOR each other. 

3) Sharing and connecting with your team on the game card

4) Public visibility and accountability for action and results brings a sense of excitement and shared adventure to the game.

5) Video or audio of the author or game creator can be added to the game to maintain a connection to the thought leader while playing with the guidance of the coach.

6) Support documents and play sheets can be added to the game to highlight key points

7) Tangible results for all to see!!
Everyone can see what is really happening in life based on what is being shared by each player. 

The players can see that they are not alone. They can share, inspire and BE inspired by their team mates in the game.

The Coach gets a powerful picture of how each player is doing and can provide powerful eCoaching through the game card system.  Then 1-1 laser coaching conversations can get right to the real opportunities and challenges because it is all on display.

For the game creator or thought leader, this is an incredible breakthrough as well! They can log into the system and SEE that people are putting the ideas of the book or workshop into action and getting REAL RESULTS.  They can also see where people are facing challenges so that they can share additional thoughts or refine their concepts.

It all starts with this Game Creation Program!
Get your creative juices flowing and your business engine running.


Create a LifeVille Game in 21 Days! - 062910-11:30A
Jun 29, Jul 6,13,20, 2010 11:30am-01:00pm
Instructor: Dave Buck, MCC
register-button-v1-gif Invest: $175

ps. when you participate in this program, you will experience the Community Game system for yourself as a player! You will see why we are so excited to share this opportunity with you.


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