Requirements to Coach at LifeVille

Update Date: 5/31/10

The Vision: Anyone, anywhere with the courage to play BIG in life, has a GREAT coach.

I believe there are many millions of folks around the globe from all walks of life with the courage AND the desire to play BIG in life.

So, we plan to need a LOT of coaches at LifeVille! One day... Thousands.

We will need coaches at every level from near beginner to the most masterful AND for every kind of game that people want to play in their real lives: business, career, family, health, romance, spiritual quest, you name it.

Here is the basic standard for a LifeVille Coach AND expect this to evolve as LifeVille evolves and as the coaching profession evolves.

1) Complete a basic coaching skills and ethics course from an ICF accredited school.

It is essential that all LifeVille coaches adhere to the ethical standards of the coaching profession.

2) Complete a coaching skills assessment and pass with an ICF core competencies ACC level score or higher.

The key point here is that the individual has demonstrated their ability to coach according the the ICF Core Competency standard. It is not required that you have the ACC or higher certification in hand, only that you have documentation of your ability to coach to this standard. 

There are many ways in which this can be done:
a) Earn an ACC certification from the ICF. (again, if you have your ACC or higher certification in hand, then you pass this requirement, BUT it is not the only way)
b) Obtain a written assessment from any ICF accredited school where the score is documented
c) Complete a CV Practicum (Each practicum is scored for ICF Core Competencies by an ICF PCC or higher certified coach)

3) Complete the CV Play Two Win Coach Training

This is important because the Coach has to know how to play AND coach a “game”.
The Play Two Win coach training is a 30 hour teleclass where you create a meaningful game for your life that you play AND you coach a partner through their game during the same time frame.

4) near future: Play the Game you are going to Coach

Our philosophy is that you have to play a game - at least reasonably well - before you can coach it.
So as we get LifeVille rolling it will be required that you play the game and obtain a minimum score or higher before you can qualify to Coach that game. Makes sense.

The reason I say “near future” is because we will have to make exceptions to this requirement in the early days because all the games will be new and SOMEBODY has to Coach the first one!


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