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5 Reasons to Create a LifeVille Game

Update Date: 6/22/2010

The Vision: Anyone, anywhere with the courage to play BIG in life, has a GREAT coach.

On the 6/21 CV Caffeine show I gave a 50 minute overview of the 5 reasons to create a LifeVille game as a way to build a dynamic and sustainable coaching business.

You can listen to it right here...

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Here is an overview of the 5 reasons. 

1) A dynamic structure for your group coaching program

The LifeVille community game system has EVERYTHING you need to create a and manage a dynamic group coaching program: community and social connection, multi media content delivery, visible structure for action and result accountability and financial management!

2) Revolutionary passive revenue streams!!

The LifeVille revenue model is designed to reward action and participation and by creating a game you can share in that revenue is several ways; two that create long term passive revenue.

3) A compelling opportunity to collaborate with your favorite authors

Creating a game is a fantastic way to bring a book to life for the readers and a dynamic opportunity for a fulfilling and fun strategic partnership.

4) A compelling opportunity to collaborate with your favorite speakers (even yourself)

After a compelling speech or workshop you MUST have a way for the inspired participants to integrate what they have learned. Playing a game with a team and a coach is absolutely the best way to do this.

5) CoachVille Content Licensing program
Why start from scratch? Now you can now license our proven content and customize it into your own game.

The Create a LifeVille Game 21 Day program is here
Jun 29, Jul 6,13,20, 2010 11:30am-01:00pm
Instructor: Dave Buck, MCC
$175 / (Included for Center for Coaching Mastery Students)


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