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Business Academy for Coaches
The Goal: $2,000 / Month in revenue
(and beyond... WAAAY beyond!)

BusinessAcademy-mini-v1-gifA Revolutionary Program to Learn, Play and Win the Game of Business

The CoachVille Business Academy for Professional Coaches is dedicated to providing you with the PERFECT environment to thrive in the world as a professional coach with a profitable business of your own design.

The program consists of three 6-week teleclasses (each teleclass session is 2.5 hours) where you learn to PLAY the game of business. By playing business as a game you will put the coach mentality of playing better into the REAL world as you learn new skills, apply new strategies and get results.

Only 2K???
The purpose of the game is create an environment where you learn and master the basic skills, game plans, energy awareness and environments needed to build a $2K / month coaching business. Of course, your sights are higher than that! We hope so. However, you must master the basics before you can play the game bigger and go for $60K plus or even 6 figures. This program will give you the base that you can safely and sustainably build upon without stress!:

Here is a big point that makes the Business Academy unique: We guarantee your success in the following way - after you complete the three modules if you are not earning $2,000 / month, you can play any or all of the 3 games again at no extra charge! In fact we expect that you will play these games 2 or even 3 times before you get totally capable and confident and solidly earning $2,000 / month. You really can not fail... unless you stop playing. And with this inspiring and fun environment we know you will keep playing until you reach your goal.

Module 1: Step Up and Stand Outstepupstandout-product200X200v2-gif

Who have you earned the right to coach?
In this module you will learn how to create a compelling coaching brand by becoming astoundingly clear about EXACTLY what you do as a coach and who you coach. Based on the games you have lived, your unique coaching method is what gives your REAL attraction power by maximizing your credibility. The powerful mantra for this program: Clarity = Clients.

You will learn how to articulate your coaching method using a step by step process that you practice with your team mates.

You will learn how to expand your community visibility by creating strategic alliance team mates.

You will learn how to talk about what you do as a coach in a more compelling way by weaving in coaching success stories that accentuate the power of your method.

You will learn how to conduct a basic exploratory session by weaving essential elements of your coaching method.


Note: This program is NOW included in the Center for Coaching Mastery!
CfCM students: if you are logged in you can register for free by clicking the register button.

register-button-v1-gif May 26 2010; 6 Wednesdays 7 PM - 9:30 PM ET with Coach Dave
Invest $495

register-button-v1-gif May 26 2010; 6 Wednesdays 7 PM - 9:30 PM ET with Coach Dave
Invest 2 payments of $249

Module 2: Expect YES. Get YES!

In this module you will build a complete method to engage potential players and sign them up as paying clients. The cornerstone of your method will be your powerful exploratory coaching session which you will observe and then practice with your team mates. As a Coach you must establish your credibility with your player before they will hire you.

You will learn the incredible “7 Yeses” formula so that you can expect a YES from your potential player.

You will learn the CEO method - Connect, Engage, make an Offer. You will explore in depth this most important business skill - the ability to make a compelling offer of value in exchange for money.

You will learn how to expand your community visibility by sharing your coaching success stories.

You will learn how to price your coaching services so that you fill your coaching calendar

Next class...
Wednesdays May 26 -> June 30 2010: 7 - 9:30 PM ET
with Coach Terri Zelenak
Invest: $495

Module 3: Be Seen and Known as THE COACH
Master the art of Community Visibility

In this module you will learn a powerful concept: You are recruiting players NOT selling services.
As a Coach, your purpose is to find people with the desire to play BIG and then offer them your coaching services to help them play better.

You will expand your ability to talk about your coaching services in a clear and compelling way by exploring new approaches and practicing with your team mates.

You will strengthen your ability to be visible as a Coach by experimenting with bold ideas and connecting with and expanding your current professional network.

You will also prepare or improve all of the building blocks for your coaching business including your business cards, your coaching agreement and the way you structure your coaching time.

You will learn how and when to increase your coaching fees and clarify your fundamental coaching offer and so that you know exactly what you are offering.

Next class...
Wednesdays May 26 -> June 30 2010: 2 - 4:30 PM ET
with Coach Terri Zelenak
Invest: $495


A few closing thoughts

DB-maven-2Hey Coach!
Coach Dave Buck here.
I’m going to get right to the point here by sharing something very personal.

My purpose in life is to co-create a world
where EVERYONE with the courage
to play
BIG in life
has a great coach.


This program fulfills this purpose in two ways:
1) YOU will be playing one of the BIGGEST games in life - the game of business
2) By building your business you will be coaching a lot of people and become a GREAT Coach.

Business is a game - You can win! - We will show you how.
When you look at business as a game, everything changes. First of all, your approach will change dramatically because YOU already know that the only way to master a game is by PLAYING; you would not attempt to get good at basketball solely by reading a lot of basketball books would you?

The Business Academy Approach...

Since we KNOW that business is a game - rather than an exam - instead of filling you up with lots of information and ideas that you may never use we create an environment where you will learn something essential to your success and then use it right away. We know that the best way to learn a game is to observe others, practice and then play.  Adding a little friendly competition also adds A LOT of juice to the learning process.

Here is what will happen...

Weekly 2.5 hour phone-based training session

Each week we will have a 2.5-hour phone meeting that will be more like a team practice and training session than a class. 

  • We will share wins and learning from the previous weeks game to spark your desire
  • We will talk about a fundamental business theory, method or skill
  • Your Coach will demonstrate the skill so that you can observe it in action
  • Then we will break out into groups so that you can practice the skill with a colleague in a safe space. Often we will have a few more experienced coaches who will join in your tele-dyad and listen in and offer immediate feedback.

Weekly game that challenges you,
engages you and teaches you

Each week you will play a game that puts your new skills and understanding into ACTION in the BIG GAME, the REAL GAME -> YOU building your coaching business. As you play you will accumulate points for your actions and even more points for your positive results. For example in the early phases of the game you will accumulate points for talking to people about what you do as a Coach, even more for booking an exploratory session, and even more for signing paying clients to your Coaching business.

Playing your business game each week
as a part of a team is WAAAAYYYYY
 more fun AND more effective than
struggling at home alone!

You will be a part of a team

  • The entire group will be organized into teams that will play together for each 6-week program (or season as we refer to it)
  • You and your team mates will support and challenge each other to take the actions needed and get the results desired to accumulate points in the game each week
  • As you will play and accumulate points you will update your game card in our online community game system - we call it social networking with a purpose. 
  • Everyone in the game will be able to see the scores and you can celebrate, support and challenge each other by commenting on each others game cards. It creates a fun, friendly competition.

Super Conductivity (Get into the FLOW)

Playing the business game will challenge you on many levels – MOSTLY YOUR INNER GAME. With our Super Conductivity Coaching Method we will guide you to POWER UP your game with a FLOW of thoughts, feelings, actions and results.

  • You will release your resistance to being seen in the community
  • You will release your resistance to speaking boldly and being known for who you truly are
  • You will release your resistance to making offers
  • You will release your resistance to follow through
  • You will release your resistance to feeling worthy of creating wealth doing something you love to do
  • You will release your resistance to dealing with large amounts of money - essential to creating wealth

We will explore many of these common areas of inner resistance that often block the FLOW of action and results. As we play the game together each week these blocks will emerge for almost everyone. They are universal NOT personal. We will coach our way through them.

A winning environment

Playing a winning game on a consistent basis will require a LOT more than will power. In fact you probably know by now that will power will only last for a few days, three weeks max.
At some point you need an environment that challenges you AND supports you to keep playing and play better. This program is just that environment.

  • You will play on a team. There will be a friendly competition each week between the teams and your team will want to win. Your team will be pulling for you and YOU for them.
  • The game itself is a structured environment. You will know exactly what you need to do each week. No guessing.
  • We will share results each week and celebrate wins. These quick but powerful conversations will keep fueling your desire throughout the program.

Keep Playing Until You Win

This is BIG. The business game takes time to learn and master. You can keep participating and playing until you reach the target revenue for that level. This is not a one-shot thing. Or the typical experience where you get jammed with way too much information and you tell yourself the familiar lie that you will utilize all of this information later when you are ready. By now, we all know that it will not happen that way.

Instead.... You keep playing; each season with a new team, with accumulated experience, with better results each time. If you ever slip back you can come back any time to refresh by playing again.

You will Coach better too

In this coaching and playing environment designed to expand your business skills, your Coaching skills will increase as well. This is because when you are around great coaching and great playing, you coach better.

Also, when you are really engaged and learning and playing outside your comfort zone, YOUR clients / players will feel that energy and want to play better for you as their Coach. the ripple effect in this situation will be HUGE!

The Results...
YOU - thriving as professional Coach


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Leading-edge technology only at CoachVille

 "I really like the new bridge line system we've switched to for the Business Academy class.

 It was so much easier to concentrate without background noise and I loved the concept of pressing a number to "raise your hand.  WOW!  What a difference in the structure for the class. I LOVED that! 

Thanks for always keeping CoachVille up to date and cutting edge!"

Coach Stephanie Lyon
McKinney, TX USA




Inspired to be a player

"I'm juggling 3 classes this season + a full-time job and going a little crazy. But I can feel myself developing professionally and more importantly, personally - a great thing!

 I want to thank you for guiding me to focus on the importance of being a player. I'm REALLY enjoying the course. Thank you for the great coaching!"

Coach Anna Kaoukakis
Los Angeles, CA USA




I hit a coaching home run

"When the Business Academy started, a full five years into my quest to become a Life Coach, I did not know what I needed to learn, what skills to develop, and I had no concept of how to begin promoting myself as a coach. 

I possessed the heart of a Life Coach, and the limitless encouragement and support of my partner and children - that was what I brought with me to CoachVille. 

At the end of 12 weeks, my practice is open with 8 full-fee clients. This class launched my coaching practice from a dream state into reality. Thanks CoachVille!”


Coach Christy Farr
Franklin, TN USA